Lakeside Park Model Homes

Recent updates at the Clayton Alabama plant have brought in a new model, new options for customizing, and an elimination of the Lakeside "Tiny Home" language, in exchange for Lakeside "Park Model" homes. As these mini-homes evolve, we are all learning, and eliminating the "tiny home" buzzword helps bring more clarity to what this product actually is. 

That being said, our homes are under 400 square foot park model RVs certified to ANSI 119.5 or RVIA code (important to know when you are looking at property zoning). Tiny homes operate under different classifications. Yes, these homes are still tiny, but they are not the classic tow behind your truck tiny home. Park model RVs are hearty, solid, and must be professionally towed with an escort. 

We'd like to welcome The Wedge to the Lakeside park model collection! This little home begins at a base price of $68,000 and can be shipped throughout the US. 

Contact us for details! 

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Back From The Manufacturing Plant

We just got back from visiting the plant to catch up on new products, inventory, and just check in and see what is happening in Addison, Alabama!

TheSeabreeze and the Alexander continue to be the most popular models. They are also bringing in some beautiful cedar siding along with a white siding I haven't seen before! 

Communities are beginning to catch on to the tiny home movement, but we still have many jurisdictions that are having trouble recognizing what the product is.

We tell all our customers to spend some time making sure their property is zoned to allow a park model RV. When you start talking "tiny house" to city officials, it muddies the water, so we are sticking to the description as a park model RV with RVIA certification (ANSI 119.5).

Take a peek at ourinstagram account where we have some updated photographs of our products. As always, we are happy to speak by phone to tell you more about Minima Homes and how we can best serve you as a distributor of the Clayton Lakeside Tiny Collection series.

3 Inspiring Tiny Home Families

I enjoy following the social media accounts of people (and families!) who are making it work living tiny. People always ask "could I really make small square footage work for me ? " Well, here are some families who have embraced the tiny home lifestyle.

Wilkins Family - Owners of Minima Homes, LLC in the loft of our Seabreeze 

Wilkins Family - Owners of Minima Homes, LLC in the loft of our Seabreeze 


The Tiny Canal Cottage - " The Tiny Canal Cottage® is a 1924 Craftsman-style home located by the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. The house's interior measures under 400 sqft, and includes space-maximizing features such as built-in furnishings, pocket doors, and vaulted ceilings. The Cottage is home to Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband Adam, their son West, and two rescue beagles, Stanlee & Sophee." 

Arrows and Bow - " In April 2017 my husband and I and our 3 kids decided to sell our 5 bedroom home, buy 2.2 acres of land, and build a house. And of course we did the only rational thing and moved into a trailer on our land. I designed and my husband I renovated the trailer. We have grown to love the trailer life and all that it has taught us. It also spurred a business, renovating trailers and airstreams for others. This is our journey of renovating, living tiny, and encouraging those around us to find joy in the in-between."

True North Family - "Thanks for stopping by! We're  Stephanie, Randy, Greysen (3), and Emmersyn (2) - A family of four adventure seeking, nature inspired, tiny home living Canadians who traded in our 1,200 sq. ft. home for a 200 sq. ft. RV with the purpose of filling this one precious life together with memory making experiences! With our home-base in British Columbia, we are currently living and experiencing Ontario until we hit the road for our cross-Canada tour spanning over two months, where we will be visiting each province and territory in this stunning country of ours! Our hope for this space is to inspire fellow families who desire to spend more time together, find adventure in their own backyard, consume & support Canadian brands, and perhaps live a little more sustainable!"

If you're ready to take the leap into tiny home living, Minima Homes is happy to help customize a park model tiny home (under 400 square feet) to suite your needs. If you have land, approved zoning, and the start of a plan let's talk and see if we are a good match. Our homes are factory built by Clayton Homes in north Alabama and shipped throughout the United States.