The Tiny Home Heads To Texas

Summer of 2017 we were excited to meet a potential customer looking for a park model tiny home to ship to Midland, Texas. We quickly discovered the Echols family was going to be no ordinary customer! This family of (now) 4 had been looking for a tiny home for residence as they  began their missionary adventure to establish a tiny home community for the homeless in Midland.

The Berry Model

The Berry Model

According to their website, The Field's Edge, " The vision of The Field’s Edge is to build a permanent, supportive, tiny-home community for the chronically homeless in Midland, Texas. This village will bring close to one hundred formerly homeless residents of the Permian Basin into The Field’s Edge family. Every detail of the design is centered on building relationships. People who have never experienced homelessness will be called to live in the village as missional residents. They will live alongside men and women who have spent most of their lives on the street. The gifts and talents of our residents will be developed into microenterprises, enabling them to earn a dignified income. Partnerships are being forged with mental and physical health care providers to give residents the care they need. The Field’s Edge will be a permanent place to call home, a place for neighbors to walk alongside each other for life.

The Berry - construction

The Echols have been in the process of seeking out the right spot for their vision, and in the meantime, establishing their own small square foot home that can be moved once the community development is underway. 


We agreed on a Clayton park model RV, The Berry, and Mr. Echols took a trip to the Clayton plant in Addison, Alabama to view the product. As retailers, we worked with the customer over a period of several weeks to customize the home for production, then patiently waited for the home to move through customization and be ready for shipping. 


Once ready, Taylor drove to Texas to await delivery while the Echols family awaited delivery of their second baby! 


We got the home set and installed on their temporary pad and the family settled in over the next week to their new baby and their new home. 


To learn more about the Echols mission, visit The Field's Edge