Could I Really Live in Under 400 Square Feet ?

Everyone's dream. 

Scale back, downsize, get rid of "stuff," lighten the load, BE FREE ! 

We've heard the dream and we want to help you make that dream a reality. Guess what ? New Yorkers have been living in under 400 square foot apartments for years. Small space living IS possible. It just takes some organization, space savviness, and a smart use of resources.

Minima Homes distributes under 400 square foot "park model RVs" which are elegantly spaced, thoughtfully designed, and top of the line in park model home construction. 



The question is HOW ? 

Let's start in the bedroom. Closet space is small so take advantage of the under bed space to bring in some drawers for extra clothing storage.


When it comes to dining room seating you have to approach this with a creative lens. Look at this cute little set up to provide a dining/bar area! Also using tray tables in your living room is another great way to provide dining accessibility in a small space home. 


Keeping your furniture lines clean and simple provides a sense of cleanliness and organization to your small space. I like the idea of adding wall shelving for book or accessory storage. 


Run a google search for "furniture with storage" and see what you find. I love this coffee table that has storage and pops a work table up as well.


If this inspires you hang tight, there is more to come ... follow us on social media at @minimahomes and lets keep the conversation going !