Lakeside Park Model Homes

Recent updates at the Clayton Alabama plant have brought in a new model, new options for customizing, and an elimination of the Lakeside "Tiny Home" language, in exchange for Lakeside "Park Model" homes. As these mini-homes evolve, we are all learning, and eliminating the "tiny home" buzzword helps bring more clarity to what this product actually is. 

That being said, our homes are under 400 square foot park model RVs certified to ANSI 119.5 or RVIA code (important to know when you are looking at property zoning). Tiny homes operate under different classifications. Yes, these homes are still tiny, but they are not the classic tow behind your truck tiny home. Park model RVs are hearty, solid, and must be professionally towed with an escort. 

We'd like to welcome The Wedge to the Lakeside park model collection! This little home begins at a base price of $68,000 and can be shipped throughout the US. 

Contact us for details! 

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