1. Do you finance ?

Unfortunately we do not offer financing at this time. Our customers have secured their own financing, and we do require 50% down to place the order in for construction, with the remaining 50% due upon home completion to deliver.

2. Can these be built larger ?

No. Park model RVs must remain under 400 square feet for RVIA certification.

3. Can the home be partially built so that I can finish the house out on my own?

No. The Clayton factory will not partially build the park model homes.

3. Do these have gray water or holding tanks like RVs do?

No. These need septic or sewer system hook up.

4. Can the loft ceilings be built higher?

No. The loft ceilings are under 5 feet because above 5 feet the loft is counted as square footage. See question 2 for further answer.

5. Are these built to HUD standards?

No. Clayton’s park models are built to RVIA certification which is different from HUD standards. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure a park model RV with RVIA certification is permitted on property.

6.Are these considered "tiny homes"?

A tiny home is loosely defined as a home under 200 sq. ft. They are typically 8 1/2 feet wide and are most often built on a trailer and are generally road legal. This means that anyone can tow a tiny home and no permits are required. Tiny homes built to ANSI code do not go on a foundation and remain permanently on the trailer they were built on.  Our homes are just under 400 square feet and will fall under the category of  "park model home."  Park models are classified as recreational vehicles. These homes can be placed anywhere RVs are allowed and have Park Model certification (ANSI 119.5 ) You cannot move a park model with a 1 ton truck. Park models must be professionally moved with a toter truck, acquire proper permitting, and require the driver to have a CDL. Park models weigh 28-30,000 lbs! Customer is responsible for making sure a park model RV with ANSI 119.5 certification is acceptable for placement on designated property.

2. Is there insurance for these homes?

Insurance can be attained for small homes built by certified RV manufacturers. You will need to research "insurance for park model homes" to find park model RV coverage. They are generally insured like a recreational vehicle. 

3. How are they shipped?

Minima Homes, LLC will ship a home directly from our manufacturer in North Alabama and is calculated in to the final purchase price. Shipping is quoted on an individual basis, is dependent on the route the home must go due to size, and is calculated by the factory when the home is speculated for cost. Homes are shipped by a professional trucking company with an escort. Customer is responsible for a clear and accessible delivery site. Be prepared to have a step ladder handy to get into the unit upon arrival.

4. How do I install my home?

A local licensed manufactured home installer will install your park model to your area's code. Minima Homes will assist in the coordination of finding a licensed mobile home installer, licensed plumber, and electrician for set up and utility hook up. Customer is responsible for any other set up including the fabrication of porch steps and skirting, or screening in a porch if that is chosen. You can estimate $3000-$5000 of set up and installation costs depending on state and county. This is not in the purchase price. Customer will need to check the tree line clearance on the property and county roads leading to your property.  Loft units need at least 16′ of clearance.  If you have a gate onto your property make sure it will allow at minimum 12′ wide clearance to pull through. Make sure there are no low hanging power lines or tree branches in route to the property. You can pre-level the area that the Park Model will be placed to make installation a lot easier.  Make sure you have water, electrical panel (amp may vary but is usually 100 amp), and sewer available within 20′ of the unit. Customer will have to have the "pad" constructed (a licensed mobile home installer can do this) with proper drainage. A moisture retardant is generally placed under the home. Most mobile home installers will be able to pour a concrete pad if you choose to use one and will base the dimensions on the floor plan provided by the manufacturer. 

5. How do the park models hook up to utilities?  

Your new park model has all the utilities that you probably have had in any home you have ever lived in and all the same rules apply. There are no holding tanks, the utilities hook directly to a power, water, gas or propane (if you order an instant on hot water heater) and will need to have a sewer and/or septic hookup. Customer is responsible for having site prepared for utility hook up upon arrival. Power hook up is a conduit line straight out the bottom of panel box on the back of the home. Sewer hook up is towards center close to commode. It is a 3" flange dropped out of the bottom. Water line is a 3/4" pvc line and it is usually at rear corner by bedroom. A plumber can easily hook to them and run lines where ever needed. Park model home set up is very easy compared to mobile home installation. 

6. How much do these homes cost? 

Our standard park model homes range from $65,000 to $80,000 not including shipping or installation costs. When customer is serious about order, design of home will be chosen and priced for final purchase. 

7. Do I have to register, tag, and title my park home?

Check with your local authority as this may vary by state. In Alabama, RVs are registered the same as a regular vehicle. If your vehicle (RV/park home) will be used only on your own property or off-road, you do not have to register, title, or tag it according to the Alabama DMV.  Please check the Alabama DMV site to confirm this. The park model homes come with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (COO) and vehicle identification number. The COO is mailed to customer or lending institution after home delivery. Minima Homes does not pay sales tax on any order outside of Baldwin County, AL. Customer will be responsible for paying tax on the park model home within home jurisdiction. 

8. Can my home withstand weather, hurricane winds, snow etc?

These park models have heavy construction standards such as 2x4 walls and 2x6’s in floors and ceilings.  Everything is 16” on center.  The homes will weigh over 25,000 lbs and require a tractor trailer truck to pull them to your location. With ANSI 119.5 certification, this code outlines over 500 design, construction, and safety protocols for certifying compliance for manufacturers of park model trailers. The PMRV standard of certification is administered and enforced by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. The specifics of ANSI code 119.5 can be viewed HERE. We recommend customers check with their local building department to determine if a park model (PMRV) can be placed. 

9. Does my home have a warranty?

Yes. The park model home itself has a limited warranty as well as the individual appliances, etc inside the home. Warranty info will be sent to customer upon purchase. Minima Homes will be responsible for overseeing any issues that arise and need repair while home is under warranty. 

10. What would an average power bill run in a park model home? 

$70.00 a month utility bill would be on the high end. 

11. How do I purchase? 

We are happy to assist you in ordering your park model home. Click HERE for information on how to buy.