Order Your Minima Home

If you have land that is properly zoned for a park model RV as well as outside financing, we are happy to walk you through the order process.

1. View our models online ready for purchase. We do not have a display lot at this time. Some of our customers travel to the manufacturing plant in Addison, AL to tour and view what is in production and on the floor. Others purchase based on the virtual tours. We are available to answer any questions you may have either via email or phone. 

2. When ready to order, we will begin the process of "spec'ing" out your home for any customizations you might choose. You will choose a model, and we will send you items to select for design. These homes are factory built which means there are a few selections such as color choices, flooring, countertops. We will get a first draft spec sheet from the manufacturer where we can get a base price. From there, we may go back and forth a few times to refine the design, and then the final print and spec sheet will be signed off on along with the purchase agreement. This will be the price of home including delivery and sales tax if necessary. We require a 50% deposit to place order. If you are needing resources for financing, please see our FAQ page for information. Once deposit and paperwork are in, your order will get in line for production. 

3. You can expect anywhere from 8-16 weeks from order to shipping time. We will be able to give you a more accurate time frame for production once order is placed and a more specific delivery date once production begins. During this time, customer is responsible for site preparation and getting utilities set up to within 20 feet of home. Customer will need to contact a local licensed mobile home installer to complete the pad prep using the print/plan provided for home. When home is complete and ready to ship, we will require the remaining payment and the home will leave the manufacturing company in North Alabama. 

4. Customer will need to be on site when home arrives at location and be in contact with driver during delivery day. Minima Homes will assist in arranging installation by contracting a local licensed mobile home installer to secure the home and connect utilities. We will oversee this process on site to assure proper set up. Owner will be provided with all paperwork needed on home as well as a walk through home orientation.